Why Couples Should Yoga / Work Out Together

Are you finding it a challenge to spend more time with your partner? Why not do a yoga class or workout together? We give you five reasons for taking your man (or woman) to class with you!


The couple who works out together, stays together! Whether it is partner yoga, calisthenics, running, or hitting the gym, getting fit together creates a deeper bond between partners. It’s also a refreshing way of spending quality time together.

Fitness Motivation

It’s tough to keep fit when you are doing it alone. Together, you can motivate and inspire each other to keep to a fitness routine. It’s also quite exhilarating to celebrate achieving Warrior III or lifting an extra kilogram at that moment with your partner.

Stress Buster

Exercises produces endorphins, while a post workout yoga stretch is a great way of calming down the mind. This brings about relaxation and rejuvenation. When couples workout together, you will both relax at the same time and enjoy each other’s company even more after class.

Photograph Memories

Every workout with your partner is a great opportunity for a couple photograph! You will soon find a huge collection of photographic memories after each exercise or yoga class together.

Heat Things Up

Working out together means that you’ve seen each other through grunts and sweat, which means less hang ups about your body. Yoga classes also increase strength and flexibility, which come in useful in the bedroom.

To encourage your partner and you to workout and get fit together, we have a 50-pack class that can be split equally among two. You can both come together for classes, or on your own for days when you need some me-time.

Try our Instiinct Rewind classes, which provides active stretching for post workout tension release. Or build greater communication and connection in AcroYoga.

Book your mat with us through MINDBODY app, and pay for the class pack when you turn up for class.

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