Transforming Your Life with EFT

Do you sometimes feel stuck in the same loop where relationships or money is concerned? Get out of the rut with a simple technique based on traditional Chinese acupuncture, Emotional Freedom Technique.

We’ve all been there before, having days where everything seems to go wrong and nothing that we say or do can turn it around. Or we’ve been in an uncomfortable situation that has unsettled us so greatly that we are affected by it even after a few days have passed.

Some of us pray, some of us meditate, while some of us talk to our friends, to get resolve this uncomfortable feeling. However, there may be times when no matter what we do, the feeling just doesn’t go away!

Now what if there’s a simple yet effective technique that can help you to effectively deal with these negative thoughts and emotions? Not only that, at the same time, it can also help you to make better decisions confidently.

This method is known as the Emotional Freedom Technique, or EFT for short. EFT is a modality that is based on the principles of acupuncture and neuro-linguistic programming. Practitioners of EFT believe that one of the reasons why we experience blockages in our lives is due to the language we use and how we think of ourselves. By using a simple tapping action coupled with positive affirmations, we are able to change our thought patterns and clear blockages.

EFT can be used to resolve physical and emotional issues, and it is a very simple method that can be learned quickly.

Yoga Instiinct is hosting two EFT workshops on Monday Sept 25, and Thursday Sept 28:-

Sept 25, Monday, 7.45-8.45pm
EFT for Abundance, $55

Discover what is blocking your path to abundance in life, and address them with tapping. Specific issues will be addressed, and you will be given tools to change your mindset and life condition. When the stress around this issue is removed, you will be able to take better decisions and develop a healthy relationship with money and finance.

Sept 28, Thursday, 8-9pm
EFT for Relationships, $55

Easily resolve various life situations between your partner, family, friends, and children. It will give you a technique that will improve communication and relating to the different people in your life.

Book your space through the MINDBODY app, search for Yoga Instiinct.

The workshops are conducted by Veronique Ficheux, a coach, consultant and trainer who has been working with people to bring them from where they are to where they would like to be. She uses various tools including Neuro Linguistic Programing, Emotional Freedom Technique, Matrx Reimprinting, and Theta Healing. She is also involved with Robbins Research International since 2002 as a volunteer, trainer, and coach.

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