More than just yoga

If you’ve been to our studio, you’ll realise that we are more than just yoga. Sure, we have the usual basic yoga classes together with hatha, vinyasa, and YIN yoga. But we’ve mixed it up so that you can get more out from your time with us.

For starters, we have HIIT classes led by a certified personal trainer, Leon Huang. In 45-minutes, you will do a calisthenic workout in quick bursts. This addresses all parts of your body and safely uses your body weight to condition and strengthen your muscles.

Then there is BURNT by Andee, a fun cardio workout that’s done to upbeat chart toppers. All we need is a dark room, neon lights and glow sticks, and you may think that you are dancing at a club!

Wanna strengthen your core? Jump in on the Yoga Core or Sculpt & Tone classes! The latter looks at the strengthening the functionality of the muscles through reps of motion while the former conditions the muscle groups needed for a variety of sports and exercise.

For some fun with friends, attend our Acro Yoga lessons by Jiamin and Leonard. Learn how to communicate well with each other, to safely achieve acrobatic yoga moves.
Finally, for those who wish to focus specifically on certain areas of their practice, our teachers are offering specialty classes such as Inversions, Headstand, Backbends, Power & Alignment, and Strength & Balance.
Our latest class schedule and updates are all on the MINDBODY app. Remember to save Yoga Instiinct as one of your favourites!

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