Brandon Chong is a strong believer in helping students build a solid yoga foundation, Brandon enjoys incorporating movement alongside alignment in asanas, guiding students in their personal growth with Yoga and having a good relationships with themselves. Brandon aspires to help students balance both their minds and bodies in their practice of Yoga and challenging them in a safe environment to show them what their bodies can achieve, no matter what their fitness backgrounds are, and to allow them to better understand their bodies.


Mark is an exuberant individual who has dedicated his life to a passion for teaching. Driven by this aspiration, he is a qualified Bachelor degree holder in Early Childhood Education and has been a preschool teacher for the past 5 years. He is deeply inspired by the performative arts and they form the source of his vibrant energy and enthusiasm. Mark keeps an active practice in Hatha, Ashtanga, Purna Yoga and specializes in Backbend Yoga, inversion classes and Yoga Opening Classes. Having gone through a 200 Hours Teacher Training Course in India, Mark made the choice to become a full-time vegetarian and offers great vegetarian tips on having a fulfilling and balanced lifestyle.


Jiamin was diagnosed with Spondylolisthesis on her L4, L5 which caused her so much pain and inconvenience. It was through yoga that she managed to heal and ever since she’s been hooked onto it. It is her love for the practice as well as the sense of satisfaction of knowing that through yoga, she can make a difference in someone else’s life that spurs her on each day. Her classes are dynamic and fun, but she never fails to remind her students to honour the body and know when to give the body a break. She personally believes in putting the ego aside, in both yoga and life.


Derris started yoga in Shanghai in 2005 with the intention of relieving ailments in his lower back; he got more than that from his first yoga class. His first yoga class was an Ashtanga class; 90 minutes and buckets of sweat later, Derris was hooked, and that got Derris started on his yoga journey. With a passion for teaching and a desire to deepen his yoga practice, Derris completed the 200-hr yoga teacher training (RYT 200) at YogaLimbs in Hong Kong in 2011. In 2016 Derris finally listened to his heart and left his corporate world of 21 years to teach yoga full time. Emphasizing awareness of the body and mind through alignment, imagery, and the breath, Derris’ classes are energising and challenging, and also fun and playful. Through his classes, he aspires to faciliate his students’ yoga journeys to self discovery and positive change.


Jeremy embarked on his journey with yoga in 2014. What began as an activity to help him break away from a physically inactive lifestyle soon evolved into a journey of constant self-discovery, one that opens the mind and challenges the body. Intrigued by the different teaching styles he came across, and with an ever inquisitive mind, he enrolled himself into a 200-hour yoga teacher training course to deepen his knowledge and practice. Jeremy continues to learn from different teachers and keeps himself updated by attending workshops and trainings. He enjoys alignment-based as well as dynamic flow classes.


Charlene started yoga just as a form of exercise; for the sweat and undeniably, for the aesthetics. But it very quickly grew into something much more invaluable – quietening her overactive mind and offering calm amidst any storm. She began turning to yoga for the essential ‘me time’, and noticed that the 60 minutes spent in each class took her away from her sometimes crippling anxiety. Passionate about the philosophy of yoga, she soon felt an inclination towards wanting to share that with the masses. Charlene went on to complete her 200-Hr Teacher Training (RYT) at Pure Yoga with Hee Boon, followed by a Children’s Yoga Teacher Training (Level 1) at Pure Yoga with Karen Wightman.


Hansel first started yoga in 2013 as a remedy to his persistent back pains. He found that the poses in yoga proved challenging however the satisfaction from “unlocking” each pose was highly rewarding. An additional benefit from his yoga practice was the alleviation of his sinus symptoms through breathing techniques. It was not till 2 years into his practice did he notice the relaxation and mental benefits of yoga which balanced his hectic daily life. Hansel’s classes reflect his journey; a flow that is intense yet fun and finishes off with complete relaxation.


Terence started yoga in 2014 as a breather from his hectic corporate job. In just the first few studio sessions, he began experiencing powerful transformations in the mind and body. Through a dedicated practice, Terence felt tremendous improvement in his posture and muscles. Inspired by incredible teachers he met along the way, he deepened his practice and knowledge in a 200-hour Hatha/Ashtanga teacher training course. Terence aspires to guide students in their yoga journey through hands-on alignment, and breathing cues to gain awareness of both the physical and mental body. His teaching style is composed, patient and sometimes, playful. Terence often reminds students to exercise patience, celebrate every little success and ultimately hopes for more men to take on yoga. Off the mat, he is a travel junkie who delights fanatically in capturing beautiful moments with a small range of camera gears.