Brandon is a strong believer in guiding students build a strong yoga foundation by incorporating movement with alignment. Through yoga, Brandon aspires to help students balance their minds & bodies, which in turn assists with their personal growth so that they develop a good relationship with themselves.


Jeremy embarked on his journey with yoga in 2014. What began as an activity to help him break away from a physically inactive lifestyle soon evolved into a journey of constant self-discovery, one that opens the mind and challenges the body. Intrigued by the different teaching styles he came across, and with an ever inquisitive mind, he enrolled himself into a 200-hour yoga teacher training course to deepen his knowledge and practice. Jeremy continues to learn from different teachers and keeps himself updated by attending workshops and trainings. He enjoys alignment-based as well as dynamic flow classes.


Hansel first started yoga in 2013 as a remedy to his persistent back pains. He found that the poses in yoga proved challenging however the satisfaction from “unlocking” each pose was highly rewarding. An additional benefit from his yoga practice was the alleviation of his sinus symptoms through breathing techniques. It was not till 2 years into his practice did he notice the relaxation and mental benefits of yoga which balanced his hectic daily life. Hansel’s classes reflect his journey; a flow that is intense yet fun and finishes off with complete relaxation.


Cheryl’s love for tricks led her to performance fitness such as cheerleading, pole dancing and calisthenics. In the course of her training, she collected injuries that limited her physically. She then turned to yoga for recuperation.

Cheryl is all about providing solid guidance in alignment and challenges that enable students to take charge of the intensity of their training. She believes that this will help practitioners strengthen their practice at a pace that’s befitting for their bodies.

She is also an arm balance junkie and inversion addict, so she’s always excited to help people find flight on the mats.


Jensen started practicing yoga since 2007. He is a passionate yoga practitioner who firmly believes that yoga is not performance-based, but a means to listen, connect and dialogue with our body. To him, the yoga mat allows him to turn his awareness inward to confront his ego and fear. He sees yoga as a way of being present in everyday life and bestowing a renewed attitude towards life. 


YiJie is a Yoga Alliance certified instructor whose sanctuary is the yoga studio where people breathe, move and attempt new asanas together. Her strong and dynamic practice has helped her grow healthier, reduce stress, detach from everyday chaos and become more centred.

With affinity towards dynamic and energetic flows, YiJie is also very detailed and conscientious about proper alignment and adjustments when it comes to asanas. She continues to learn and practice from her beloved teachers and desires to share the loving wisdom they have shared with her with you too.

Off the mat, YiJie is a corporate executive, geek and avid traveller. She loves coffee and matcha; ice-cream and dark chocolate; watching comedies and fiction movies. In her classes, YiJie combines playfulness with mindfulness to nurture your body, mind and soul. She hopes that you step off the mat feeling balanced – physically, mentally and emotionally!