Featured Instructor: Terence Sim

Terence Sim has been a regular presence at our studio on Thursdays. From this month onward, you’ll get to see more of him in his Strength & Balance class on Saturdays. Find out what gives him strength and throws him off balance. Then Book Your Mat for his class.

What is yoga to you?

Yoga is a mood booster, a robust 360 challenge for the mind, body and breath, and an effective sleeping and slowdown pill for the crazy mind, especially after exiting a deep ah-feel-so-good stretch. Yoga has also taught me to be at peace, in control and mindful of the things I think about, say and do.

How did you come to yoga?

My friends pulled me to a yoga class in a fitness chain, and that’s how everything started! I remembered my first teacher is a male, and I was so inspired to be like him.

What is your favourite yoga pose?

Pinchamayurasana! This has got to be my favourite because there’s so much fun in transitioning to different leg variations. The journey has been so fun, falling countlessly to get to where I am today!

Hardest yoga pose?

Backbends! Almost every guy faces this blockage. I am still working on the mastery of king dancer pose without using props—that’s my dream pose!

What yoga goals are you working towards?

Bringing awareness to people of all age groups and getting them to do more yoga! As a male teacher, I have convinced a lot of other males to pick up yoga as well, and that is also the other direction I’m working towards to.

How has yoga brought your loved ones & you closer?

I realise that my friends and relatives who don’t practice yoga would come to me, asking questions about stretches to relieve their muscle pain from sitting too much. I guess this speaks volume about how much closer yoga has brought upon wonderful conversations that stay throughout.

Your favourite place for a yoga retreat?

It would be an airy space that I am able to practice yoga as and when I like. I have recently came back from Bali, and though I never signed up for any retreat packages or met up with other yogis, I did my own practice in a very gorgeous villa. Bali is the perfect spot because of the spiritual energy the island exudes.

What type of music do you do yoga to?

Mostly tracks from Spotify! I would curate a playlist every other month to refresh the class environment. Instrumental and ambient tunes work very well for me. I use the tracks to pace the class—at the start of the class, it would be soft meditative tracks, and then slightly pumped tracks during sun salutation and the flow sequence that come later.

Give us your favourite track!

It would be all the savasana tracks I use towards the end of the class. I enjoy Karunesh tracks especially The Inner Temple as I find this track very pleasing to the ears and powerful enough to relax all senses in savasana. Sometimes I get a couple of students who fall asleep to the tracks! Haha!

What other fitness exercise do you do outside of yoga?

I stopped running long distance for awhile due to a minor ligament tear in the ankle. I used to work out at the gym several times a week but my regimen now is pretty simple—lots of paced sun salutation as cardio to supplement body weight training, also known as arm balance cum vinyasa flow kind of transitions. At 32 years this year, I am super happy with this combination which works well to maintain this “figure” of mine. Haha!

What do you like to eat/drink after a yoga class?

Haha! Rather unhealthy. Why? Because I would hydrate myself with H2O first, then hunt for COLD sugary stuff from the dessert/drinks category such as bubble tea, soya milk, frozen yogurt, ice cream, or even a chilled acai bowl—just something sweet and cold really helps me to stay awake between classes or throughout the day. I even pack a Milo bar to munch on between classes!

Your favourite person to chill with is…

A very dear companion of mine! He’s a gym rat and we would exchange pointers on the fitness and health topics. The perfect complement!

Leggings or shorts (when doing yoga)?

Haha! Everyone would know my preference! I have been collecting meggings ever since I started teaching to fill my wardrobe, so I don’t get bored with the same outfits. Till date, I have about 10 meggings with a mix of plain and prints type. Aside from the aesthetics part, the meggings really give the freedom to move however I want to. All guys must start investing in a pair!

When you are not teaching yoga, what do you do?

Family, friends and home! I love spending quiet quality moments alone sometimes—I can eat alone, chill alone and do all sort of things alone! I simply appreciate my me-time as a way to rejuvenate, as I did not manage to get precious time like this to unwind back in my hectic corporate days. Ever since I picked up yoga, it’s all about slowing things down especially in a fast paced country like Singapore.

If we want to catch you outside of the studio, where can we find you?

I love hanging out with my growing nephew (catch this guest occasionally on my IG @namasterence). If you don’t catch me in the studio, I would most probably be with him or at some random shops window shopping or actually shopping. Four kinds of shops I would hang out at: active wear stores, dessert shops, gadgets (tech geek) stores, and my favourite of them all, HOME where all the love is!

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