Featured Instructor: Jeremy Lim

With a soothing voice and gentle manner, Jeremy uses his mental health training to safely guide yoga practitioners in proper alignment and dynamic flow in his Power & Alignment classes, and tension release in Instiinct Rewind classes. Get to know him, then Book Your Mat with him.

What is yoga to you?

It is a place to connect with myself and get to know myself better. It’s been an awesome self-realisation journey for me thus far, most of it confronting and learning to be at peace with it. So yes, yoga is not just a series of physical postures we get into as I see those postures as self-discovery and facilitation tools.

How did you come to yoga?

I came to yoga in 2014 as an activity to help me break away from a physically inactive lifestyle. I figured I needed something I could do on a regular basis, rain or shine, alone or in a group. I signed myself up for a yoga class, and here I am!

What is your favourite yoga pose?

I love a good stretch in Downward Facing Dog. There’s just so much going on in this pose that often gets neglected. I recall there was a period of time I couldn’t fit a yoga class into my schedule for a week that when I finally got to practice, it felt soooooooo good when I got into Downward Facing Dog.

Hardest yoga pose?

Backbends. Most definitely.

What yoga goals are you working towards?

Elusive handstand transitions!

Your favourite place for a yoga retreat?

Bali. My current idea of a yoga retreat: having daily yoga classes when I’m on holiday. Those who follow me on Instagram @_thetravellingyogi_ would know of my recent trip back to Melbourne, and having daily yoga classes at fabulous studios.

What type of music do you do yoga to?

I love instrumental / ambient music for a good class. Vocals do it for me too sometimes, and that’d be soft pop. I take my playlist very seriously and I create a new playlist for every class that I teach.

Give us your favourite track!

There’re just too many favourites! So far I’ve been using quite a number tracks by Sleeping At Last and Tracey Chattaway.

What other fitness exercise do you do outside of yoga?

Does taking walks in nature count? Biophilia is a real thing.

What do you like to eat/drink after a yoga class?

Whatever I feel like at that moment really. Recently, it includes acai bowl and/or coffee.

Your favourite person to chill with is…

The yogi twin @the.inflexible.yogi

Leggings or shorts (when doing yoga)?

Shorts for now. Not cool enough for meggings.

When you are not teaching yoga, what do you do?

I caffeinate myself, indulge in acai bowls, and spend time among nature.

If we want to catch you outside of the studio, where can we find you?

Some park most probably, an acai bowl store, or some cafe that serves coffee with soy or other mylk alternatives (I’m lactose intolerant, in case anyone brings coffee to the studio *winks*).

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