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  • Transforming Your Life with EFT

    Do you sometimes feel stuck in the same loop where relationships or money is concerned? Get out of the rut with a simple technique based on traditional Chinese acupuncture, Emotional Freedom Technique.

    We’ve all been there before, having days where everything seems to go wrong and nothing that we say or do can turn it around. […]

  • Yoga + Aromatherapy: Connecting Breath, Body, Mind

    The breath. This is the common factor of yoga and aromatherapy.

    Being aware of your breath when doing yoga—and any form of physical activity, for the matter—allows the body to release toxins, the mind to relax, and brings on an overall sense of peace. Aromatherapy utilises the sense of smell to achieve emotional, mental, and physical […]

  • Yoga Brunch

    Finding something for the weekend? Come join us for an extra chill session of Yoga Brunch.

    Our take on the Sunday special, soak in the free flow of good vibes and treat your body to an hour of yoga and recharge with some delicious Grilled Chicken with Broccoli & Mushroom Quinoa from Superlifeco .

    Tickets going at […]

  • Warrior Breakfast Club

    We’re so psyched to kickstart our Warrior Breakfast Club! Taught by Derris, get ready to be pushed and stretched to your limit.

    Warrior Breakfast Club

    A flow class to kickstart and energise a busy professional’s day. Get on top of your game by sharpening your focus and optimize your mental and physical productivity. Look forward to a […]

  • Sunset Vibes – Outdoor Yoga

    Basking in golden hues and surrounded by lush greens against the Singapore skyline, move as Brandon takes you through a slow gentle sunset flow session with a curated playlist of soothing tunes, this session is great for anyone – even if it is your first time doing Yoga.
    Bring a buddy along and enjoy 25% off!
    ( […]