• Boost Your Strength – A Yoga Masterclass with Victor Chau

    Calling all yogis looking to take your yoga practice to the next level! International yoga teacher Victor Chau will be holding a yoga masterclass suitable for all levels to challenge yourself this March. You will learn how the some of the most basic and fundamental skills can take you into advanced arm balances, inversions and even backbends. Build up your […]

  • More than just yoga

    If you’ve been to our studio, you’ll realise that we are more than just yoga. Sure, we have the usual basic yoga classes together with hatha, vinyasa, and YIN yoga. But we’ve mixed it up so that you can get more out from your time with us.

    For starters, we have HIIT classes led by a […]

  • Transforming Your Life with EFT

    Do you sometimes feel stuck in the same loop where relationships or money is concerned? Get out of the rut with a simple technique based on traditional Chinese acupuncture, Emotional Freedom Technique.

    We’ve all been there before, having days where everything seems to go wrong and nothing that we say or do can turn it around. […]

  • The Artist in You

    For most of us, the word ‘art’ conjures up images of oil paintings on a wall in a museum. But art is more than what is contained in a building—art is everywhere in our life, and a part of our life.

    It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what art is.

    Famous Russian novelist Leo Tolstoy stated: “Art is […]

  • Featured Instructor: Terence Sim

    Terence Sim has been a regular presence at our studio on Thursdays. From this month onward, you’ll get to see more of him in his Strength & Balance class on Saturdays. Find out what gives him strength and throws him off balance. Then Book Your Mat for his class.

    What is yoga to you?

    Yoga is a […]

  • Yoga + Aromatherapy: Connecting Breath, Body, Mind

    The breath. This is the common factor of yoga and aromatherapy.

    Being aware of your breath when doing yoga—and any form of physical activity, for the matter—allows the body to release toxins, the mind to relax, and brings on an overall sense of peace. Aromatherapy utilises the sense of smell to achieve emotional, mental, and physical […]

  • Featured Instructor: Cheryl Cheong

    She may look petite, but Cheryl Cheong knows how to provide a powerful workout in her Vinyasa and Core classes. Get to know her, then Book Your Mat for one of her classes on Thursday evenings or Sundays.

    What is yoga to you?

    Yoga is the act of you doing right by you; it is the practice […]

  • Want to look 20 years old? Drink tea!

    The biggest news currently trending on social media is about Chuando Tan. Well, to be specific, it is photographs of the photographer and former model—they show a lean and buff 50-year-old Singaporean male.

    Yup, 50 years old. That’s him right there!

    While it is obvious that he works out regularly, which explains his ripped physique, nothing is […]

  • Why Couples Should Yoga / Work Out Together

    Are you finding it a challenge to spend more time with your partner? Why not do a yoga class or workout together? We give you five reasons for taking your man (or woman) to class with you!


    The couple who works out together, stays together! Whether it is partner yoga, calisthenics, running, or hitting the gym, […]

  • Presenting the Alpha Card

    Yoga is more than just asanas, it’s also about living well. So we have launched the Alpha card, a privilege card that entitles our Instiinct members to special lifestyle treats from lifestyle partners that our Instiinct team loves.

    Refer to our list on The Alpha Card page, which will be updated regularly.

    Instiinct members who purchase a 10- or 20-class package […]